Carnival Mask line

Wine Tube launches the exclusive Carnival Mask line: a special edition of three bottles inspired by the Carnival, in which masks and colors become protagonists.

The traditional Carnival party can only go hand-in-hand with the world of wine. It is the moment where the roles of society are spilled and reversed, there is a sense of full freedom and fun: everyone can be who they want. Country festivals and banquets are all the rage and wine is the focal point now, as in the past, when customs were even more entrenched. Traditionally, in fact, during the Carnival, our fathers celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of the productive season in the fields.

wines - carnival mask line
wines - carnival mask line

In this joyful climate where the masks are the protagonists, even the colors take space on the bottles in their symbolic meaning.

We start with blue, a symbol of growth and longevity, a color that perfectly embodies departure, the beginning of a journey.

Then we move on to red, the emblem of both mental and physical life energy. This color represents the strength of will and is perfect to push us to continue our journey.

So, we come to gold and the most precious bottle. Gold symbolizes prosperity, purity and authority. It abstracts itself towards qualities of perfection, towards the completion and realization of all potential.

This is the second special edition launched by Wine Tube after the success of the 1968 Line released in December 2018. The Carnival Mask line is distributed with an exclusive by Country, through agreements with distributors starting from three years of duration. From January 2020 it is present in wine shops, in different geographical areas including Asia.
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