WineTube Tours

September during the grape harvest and April with the start of Vinitaly, are the periods most requested by foreign trade operators to visit our country.

From North to South our territory is rich in history, culture, natural beauty, culinary art. The magic is that in such a small Country from region to region there are so many differences to be enjoyed, with the eyes and palate.

The tour proposed by WineTube is voted precisely to discover these differences. A selection of our trade partner wineries will be the reference point for an enological and cultural journey, aimed at understanding the differences between the Italian regions that we will touch visiting our reality, tasting the wines and combining an in-depth visit of the territory and surrounding cities.

The group will consist mainly of buyers operating in the wine sector. The goal for them will be an experience of visit and study, while for our partners a great opportunity to start collaborations with potential new clients.

The organization is complete, from booking the flight to transfers in the area, from accommodation to a guide throughout the tour.

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