Cookie Policy

Cookies Information

Cookies are used by our website to offer our users a better experience. This document will describe the categories of cookies that we use, their purposes and how to change them in accordance with your preferences.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. Each time that you load our website, your browser will send these cookies back to our web site so that your experience can be personalized, thereby facilitating your access to our services.

What cookies do we use?

The Cookies that we use allow our web site to recognize users who return to visit our web site, so that they do not have insert the same information each time.
The following are the types of Cookies used on our web site:

Technical Cookies – to personalize certain web site features

These cookies allow you to use the various useful features on our web site.
For example these may be used to:

  • Remember preferences you selected during your last visit, such as a language preference. This way you will not have to upload this information every time you visit our website.

Technical Cookies – to analyze use of the web site

These cookies are used to used to obtain information on web site usage and collect in an unified manner the number of users and how they visit our web site. This information may be associated with a user’s details such as IP address, domain or browser; but they are analyzed with other users’ information in such a manner so as not to identify a particular user.

Changing your Cookie settings.

Most browsers allow you to cancel Cookies from your hard disk, block the acceptance of Cookies, or to receive notice before a Cookie is saved.

What happens if my Cookies are cancelled?

However, should you block or delete your Cookies, it may be impossible to restore the custom settings you had previously specified, and our ability to customize your user experience and facilitate access to our services will be limited.

Your browser can be configured to manage or disable cookies to your preference. Normally these settings are found under your menu Options/Privacy Settings, or Settings/Privacy, or Preferences/Privacy. For more detailed assistance in configuring your browser to manage Cookies, you can consult your browser’s help guide under the Privacy or Cookie heading.