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Wine tips: what makes a rosé a true rosé

The rosé-making process is more delicate and complex than the making of white or red wines. [...]

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The art of sabrage

Sabering a bottle of sparkling wine (spumante) is a tradition that strikes back to 18th century when the cavalry of Napoleon used to open champagne with their weapons, the sabers, to celebrate victory. [...]

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The secret name of wine aromas

It is possible to recognize in wine many different aromas, from strawberries to cinnamon or chalk. [...]

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How are sparkling wine classified?

Sparkling wines are categorized depending on their sugar levels. This classification can be confusing, dry means his opposite in sparkling wine terms. [...]

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Sparkling wine: how to produce those bubbles?

There are three main methods to produce sparkling wine: they all have in common the first step a primary fermentation to turn the grape juice into still wine, called base wine. The following steps are different depending on the method. [...]

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Grab life by the stem

The way you hold your glass show your class. Yes, there is a proper etiquette even in the way you hold your glass of wine. [...]

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