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Vin Santo: the "holy" wine

Vin Santo: the "holy" wine

Vin Santo literally means Holy Wine. There are many stories about how it arose. One of them wants that

in the Middle Ages in Tuscany a Franciscan friar tryed to save people from Black Death with sweet altar wine. This wine was quickly named by locals Vin Santo (holy) thanks to its miracolous properties.
It is certain that Vin Santo has a very old story and tradition, but the most logical theories about the origin of its name is based on the vinification: after the wines have dried slowly on the mats over the winter, the fermentation of Vin Santo has to be around Easter in spring time.
Vin Santo today is still the wine of tradition since the method of production is still the antique one. Finally in 1997 Vin Santo del Chianti was recognized DOC, it was an important stage in the quality evaluation of this wine always been the wine of hospitality and friendship.

 2078,    13  март  2017 ,   History of Wine



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