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Amarone: what a mistake!

Amarone: what a mistake!

Amarone is a typical rich italian dry red wine. Even if it is very famous and considered the prince of Veneto wines it has a recent history: it was born about 60 years ago by mistake!

Amarone is the brother of the sweet delicious red wine named Recioto.
They share the same vinification method at least until the last passage: their vinification involves the passito process, in which selected bunches of grapes are allowed to dry for a certain period to concentrate sugars before being pressed and fermented.
To produce Recioto, the fermetation process usually is stopped at a modest alcoholic level, leaving the necessary residual sugar.  
Someday a forgotten barrel completely fermented the sugars, the wine obtained was  bitter "amaro". Apparently it was a mistake and lately determined to be a really good and prestigious wine.
The first vintages released were named  Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone and dated back 1953 or maybe a little elder. Now Amarone is more famous than its brother!

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