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#3 See, swirl, smell, sip and savor: sounds like a nursery rhyme

#3 See, swirl, smell, sip and savor: sounds like a nursery rhyme

3# What do you feel in your mouth? How many things a wine professional can taste in only one goblet of wine?!?
After #1 and #2 you are finnally ready to take your first sip. Roll the wine in your mouth and think about all the following components. 

Sweetness: it's the easiest to perceive, anyone is used to sweet taste.

Acidity: is the tartness of the wine, the same sensation of a lemonade. Acidity is important to the freshness of the wine and makes salivate your tongue. A good acidity supports great wine during their long refinement in bottle.

Tannin: it's a drying sensation, astringency. To recognize tannins, try to eat a raw artichoke, the dryness in your mouth is like the tannin sensation.

Body: the way you feel the wine in your mouth - thick or thin, oily or watery. There are three categories: light-bodied, medium-bodied and full-bodied. Think about the difference between a glass of water, light mouthfeel, and raspeberry syrup, heavy mouthfeel, viscous. Alcohol, sugar residual and glycerine contribute to the body. 

Flavor: it's the association between what you smell, taste with the tongue and feel in your mouth, the flavors break down into the same categories of the aromas #2.


Balance: one of the most desiderable quality. A wine is balanced when the concentration of fruits, the acidity, the level of tannins are in perfect harmony. A balanced wine is probably a great wine!

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