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Wine Journal: Chianti DOCG Terra Toscana

Wine Journal: Chianti DOCG Terra Toscana

Chianti is the pride of Tuscany, since we come from Tuscany it is our pride too.
Our Chianti DOCG Terra Toscana is produced in the hills surrounding Arezzo, on clay and chalk soil with spur-pruned cordon. The most interesting thing is that the blend is composed with ancient tuscan varieties following the original vinification method.

The wine is not aged in wood and preserves all the aromas of the grapes.
Tasting notes in few words
Color. Ruby red
Aroma. Classic Chianti aroma of violet and wonderful cherries and plum flavors.
Taste. Medium bodied, well balanced, displaying pleasantlyfrutiy characteristic.
It is an approachable and easy drinking wine, a small piece of Tuscany in your glass!

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