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La Befana, the wine drinking witch

La Befana, the wine drinking witch

January 6th or Epiphany is a holiday in Italy and it is said: Epifania tutte le feste porta via,

which means Epiphany takes all the holidays away... unfortunatly!
This holiday celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings bearing gifts for the Christ Child. But the reason why every italian child become excited about "la Befana" is that in the night she leaves them presents. Mostly sweets, nuts, and little gifts but only for good children. For bad guys she will leave some black coal!
Many feasts are organized throughout Italy celebrating this old woman resembling an ugly witch, dressed in old rags with a flying broom. The most special of all the events is the one in Urbania, the old Casteldurante. Infact this is the city where Befana after long wanderings decides to live. All the children can write her, like they do to Santa, about their wishes.
If you are waiting for Befana tonight don't forget to prepare a glass of red wine and some biscuits to restore her strenght!

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