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Piana Rotaliana, the garden of vines

Piana Rotaliana, the garden of vines

The Piana Rotaliana lies at the mouth of Valle di Non, between San Michele all'Adige, Mezzacorona and Mezzolombardo towns. It is a wide plain with gently sloping vineyards.

This valley has an unique soil thanks to the Noce and Avisio rivers who brought down over the centuries precious minerals which infuses the grapes with characteristic aromas.

Piana Rotaliana is one of the most important for the production of wine grapes and has a century-old winemaking tradition. The grape growers have been working for years towards an exclusicvely high quality production.

The prince of Trentino oenology is Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, made with the autochtonous grape variety Teroldego, it is an extraordinary rich, deep ruby red wine.

It is a worthy place to visit to enjoy nature, tradition and wine.




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