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Soave harmonious landscape

Soave harmonious landscape

The “Soave Wine Route” represents an evocative trip among vineyards, churches and castles

through the area which produces a fine white wine, Soave, that gives its name to this splendid strip of land around Verona. From the Soave Castle you can admire an amazing view of this landscape: it is like a sea of vineyards as far as your eye can reach.
Lovers of art and culture can admire not only the beautiful landscapes or the largest vineyard in Europe in terms of size – 6,600 hectares – but also wonderful Romanesque churches, villas, castles and museums.
Soave is a white wine produced with Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grapes and its name in Italian is a charming word meaning mild, sweet, harmonious like the wine itself!

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