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Dolci carnevaleschi: Carnival Sweets

Dolci carnevaleschi: Carnival Sweets

In Italy there is a wide range of Carnival sweets prepared by hand and at home, these accompany the parades of carnival floats and masks

in the days before Ash Wednesday, with a small diversification according to places, typical sweets and names ascribed to them.

Types: leavened cakes, fried cakes, chocolate derivatives based sweet.
Leavened cakes:
Schiacciata alla fiorentina, florentine pie, widespread in Tuscany
Berlingozzo, a ring-shaped cake widespread in Tuscany and Umbria
Krapfen, typical of Alto Adige
Mantovane di Cossato produced in Cossato (Biella) Piedmont. They are hemispherical confectionery puff pastry, filled with a soft filling of almonds and jam. The shape is reminiscent of the valances "mantovane" curtains, hence the name.
Fried cakes: They are considered the sweet symbol of Carnival. Depending on the aspect and the method of preparation, can be divided into various types.
Fried little balls, sometimes stuffed: castagnole, you find this troughout Italia; frìtołe, typical of Venice; frittelle, Mantova city; caragnoli and rosacatarre del of Molise.
Leavened dough, closed loop and fried: Carnival donuts; zeppole, spread in various regions of Italy
Pasta cut into strips and fried: chiacchiere, spread throughout Italy by various names in different regions, among which: bugie, cenci, frappe, sfrappe, sfrappole, manzole, crostoli, galani, intrigoni, lattughe, maraviglias, fiocchi, fiocchetti.
Fried sweet and covered with honey: Carnival arancini in Marche, cicerchiata in Umbria, Marche e Abruzzo.



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