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Declinations of bruschetta

Declinations of bruschetta

Like others tasty dishes, bruschetta has rural origin. It was born because peasants needed to preserve bread, that's why they used to toast it. There are billion ways to prepare bruschetta, but certain are bonded with a specific italian region or a seasonal tradition.

The classic "fettunta", which literally means greased bread, is mainly prepared during November when the new vintage of oil is ready. To taste the richness of extra virgin olive oil freshly produced, a slice of toasted bread, with salt and pepper is the perfect match.
In Campania during the harvest of tomatoes, the peasants used to accompany toasted bread with tomato to soften it. Nowadays tomato and bread is the most famous combo for bruschetta.
In Piedmont, the grape-pickers' typical lunch was the "soma d'aj", toasted bread rubbed with a lot of garlic, and a bunch of grape for dessert.
Our favourite recipe is very simple: tomato, salt, pepper, diced onion, fresh basil and oregan and a drizzle of oil, together with a glass of Trebbiano Toscana IGT.



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