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Panettone means big bread. It is a cake originating in Milan and it is tipically served during Xmas feasts. In Italy it's not Christmas without at least one Panettone in your sideboard.
A disciplinary regulates from 2005 the method and the ingredients to produce this traditional italian "xmas bread". The main ingredients are mother yeast, wheat flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and candied lemon and citron.

There are many stories about the birth of Panettone, our favourites are the legends of Ughetto and Toni.

Ughetto (in Milan the raisins is called 'ughett') was a nobleman, the hawk breeder of the Duke Ludovico Maria Sforza. He fell in love with the daughter of a baker, Adalgisa. Ughetto's family did not approve their love and the two lovebirds had to meet secretly. One day the help of Adalgisa's father fell ill and Adalgisa had so much work to do that it became impossible for her to meet Ughetto. Then the nobleman, pretending to be a baker, replaced the ill boy. Unfortunately times were tough for the bakery, they sold less since the opening of a new one nearby. Ughetto had the idea to make a new bread more flavorful and rich and he sold some of his hawks to buy new ingredients: raisins, butter, sugar and eggs. The new bread made a hit in town and thanks to the gained popularity of the bakery, the two lovers could finally marry and live happily ever after.

The second legend tells the story of Toni, the Sforza family's young scullion. It was Xmas eve dinner and Ludovico il Moro organized a great feast. Toni, in the kitchen, was in charge to control the oven where the dessert was baking, but he fell asleep. Just few minutes and the cake got burned. The chef was desperate, it was too late to remediate. Toni proposed to serve the cake that he prepared for himself in the morning with some leftover ingredients: wheat flour, butter, eggs, raisins and sugar. The chef had no choice but to accept. Luckly for Toni the cake was an incredible success, hence it was called "pan de Toni".

Then, which is your favourite story?

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