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Seasonal wine pairing: mushrooms

When combined with wine the question becomes tricky. Mushrooms fear the combination with both bitter and tannic wines, and also undergo the influence of seasonings and type of cooking. [...]

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BBQ Wine Pairing

Wine and BBQ are a perfect match, although there's not the perfect wine to pair with BBQ. The trick is to look for a wine that is easy to drink, energetic and not overly intrusive. [...]

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Salad & Wine Pairing

Summertime is great for fresh salads and a cool glass of wine but when it comes to pair those two, salads can be tricky. It depends on the vegetables you use, the other ingredients it contains and the type of dressing. [...]

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Rosè wine pairing

Rosé wine is the perfect companion for spring time. The color of rosé , from a light salmon pink to a deeper ruby-pink one, recalls the flower's blooming of May. [...]

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Moscato pairings

Moscato is an ancient grape variety, widely cultivated in Italy. In most cases Moscato wine is sweet and bubbly, and intended to be consumed young, while it's still fresh and crispy. Thanks to its typical flavors of peach, apricot, orange blossom and acacia it earned lots of popularity around the world. [...]

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Matching wine with seafood and fish

White wine and fish belong together. However, softer reds like Pinot Noir also pair wonderfully with fish. Let's see some pairings sure to enhance the flavors of the day's freshest catch!

First think about the characteristic of the fish: delicate raw fish and light briny shellfish go best with equally delicate light white wines. [...]

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