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Corvina identity card

Corvina identity card

Name: the name is due to dark color of the berries, like the feathers of a crow, in italian corvo. Another explanation is that corvina originates from the word corba.

Corba is a basket used to carry the grapes. Since Corvina is easy to be transported without damage thanks to its thick skin, this variety was named after the basket corba!

Origin: this grape is related to viticulture in Verona area since ancient time, but first written informations about Corvina date back 1824.
Where is cultivated: mainly cultivated in the north-eastern part of Italy, in Veneto region. There is also a small production in Argentina.

Corvina Wine description.

Color: lack of color.
Flavor: Fruit: sour cherry flavor.
Acidity: moderate.
Tannins: not high, moderate.
Ageability: depending on the style, to be drunk young if 100% corvina wines, long ageability when in combination to produce Amarone.
Personality: thick, love to be together with his friends Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara

Corvina grape is involved in the production of IGT, DOC and DOCG wines: Bardolino DOC, Amarone DOCG, Valpolicella Ripasso DOC.



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