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Useful tips if you are thinking about aging a bottle or drinking an old one - part 1

Useful tips if you are thinking about aging a bottle or drinking an old one - part 1

"Wine improves with age, I improve with wine". Nice and funny quote, but while the second part in our case it is true, the first is not always correct. Not all the wines are good to be aged.
There are some general guidelines that can help you.

Characteristics of wine
Acidity: wines with higher acid levels generally age better than those with lower.
Tannins: you can find them only in red wine and certain white (think about orange wines). A moderately high quantity of tannins, support the wine during its ageing process. ("moderately" because tannins don't have to overwhelm the other compontents)
Grape: the traits of each grape variety define the above points. For example Sagrantino has high tannins. Dolcetto has high acidity.
Vintage: optimal climate conditions make a vintage great and easily generate remarkable wines with harmonically balanced components.
Area of production, cultivation and vinification method: cellerable wines are of course high quality products obtained thanks to the hard work of the vignerons and the attention and care they put in production processes.
Characteristic of the bottles
Cork: a high quality natural cork is essential for a perfect development of wine. Screw cap or synthetic wine closure are used on wine to be drunk young or ageable for a maximum of 4/5 years.
Format: all formats can be aged but format affects how the wine development. Magnum and larger bottles age more slowly than smaller formats.

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