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Wine Journal: Pinot Nero

Wine Journal: Pinot Nero

One of the noblest red wine grapes. Pinot Nero is difficult to grow but perfectly adapt to Trentino soil.

Infact it is one of the most popular wines in Trentino.
The staggering range of wines produced makes it pointless to define which personality is the best expression of the variety. This Pinot Nero Trentino DOC is a red, elegant pinot noir wisely refined in oak.
Tasting notes in few words:
Color. ruby red
Aroma. cooked red berries and roses on the nose with a dash of herbs and hint of spices
Taste. well-balanced acidityfruity with hints of berries, lingering aftertaste.
This elegant wine is perfect for a dîner tête à tête.

 1858,    Wine Tasting



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