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Wine Journal: Lambrusco Reggiano DOP

Wine Journal: Lambrusco Reggiano DOP

Lambrusco refers both to grape and wine. It is mainly produced in Emilia Romagna region, Northern Italy. Lambrusco grape family counts 60 different grapes among them the most famous are L. Salamini, L. Grasparossa, L. Maestri, L. Di Sorbara, L. Marani.

Lambrusco can take on a few several different styles. While the majority of Lambruscos are red or rosè, even white can be made, avoiding skin contact during vinification.
Lambrusco Reggiano DOP is produced with a selection of the most representative grapes of Reggio-Emilia province: L.Marani for its bold colour and L.Salamino for the aromatic compounds and freshness.
Tasting notes in few words:
Color. intense red with purple highlights
Aroma. fruity with hints of berries
Taste. rounded, medium-sweet and slightly acidulous
To be enjoyed young, its lively foam reflect the cheerful and lively character of emilian people.

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