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Barolo Chinato story

Barolo Chinato story

Its origins belong to the vibrant production of wines of Barolo late nineteenth century.

Barolo Chinato cradle are the back rooms of two extraordinary apothecaries, Dr. Joseph Chaplain of Serralunga and Dr. Zabaldano of Monforte. Charismatic personalities of Barolo, the two pharmacists were able to apply, each with his own formula, the properties of the cinchona to Barolo and they created an "Elixir" from the immediate fame inside the Langa farming culture. The "delicious Barolo-bent" Zabaldano deserves a gold medal at the Franco-Italian in Nice in 1899.
Tonic, sovereign, cordial, virile: are the names that magnify the properties at the time of this original panacea. After a period of indifference in the decades after World War II(between ’50 e ’70), Today is one of the most refined proposals of great cuisine Alba. In the secret formulas and wise balance of Barolo, quinine and spices, we find the love on the street for the exotic, which is a characteristic feature of the culture and imagination of Langa farmer.

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