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What the government has to do with wine? Governo vinification method

What the government has to do with wine? Governo vinification method

The italian word governo is usually referred to the government but it is also the name of an old vinification method mainly used in Tuscany.
Tuscan housewifes are used to say governato with the meaning of tidying up or a processed/treated products,

in the same way governo alla toscana vinification method refers to a specif way to process/treat the grapes.
Governo alla toscana was developed in Chianti area in XIX century when wine daily accompanied the meals. It was necessary to quickly refine the wine and obtain a full and rounded mouth-feel wine. This technique consists in a secondary rifermentation of the wine by adding the must of overripe grapes, storically Colorino grape variety (the most suitable to be dried without getting rotten). This slow refermentation leads to release noble polyphenols and increase in the alcoholic strength, extracts, glycerin and smoothness. The result is a soft, spicy wine, someone suggests also to drink it cold on summertime.

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