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Useful tips if you are thinking about aging a bottle of drinking an old one - part 2

Useful tips if you are thinking about aging a bottle of drinking an old one - part 2

When you a have a bottle suitable for aging you can decide to cellar it, but not all the places are goods.
Cellaring optimal conditions:

Temperature: avoid place with drastic temperature change, the best temperature range is about 12-15°C. The shelves in your kitchen aren't the correct place to store wine!
Light: no direct light exposure
Vibrations: choose free vibrations area, vibrations adversely affect wine
Position: bottles are typically cellared on their side, so that the wine is in contact with cork and keep it moist.
No smell: the wine breathes through the cork, then don't place the bottle in your garage where you park your car or motorbike.

While wine ages, many changes occur. Here there are the different stages of the life of a wine bottle.
Backwards: a wine that is tight, closed in or reserved. The aromatic and other qualities are not available to the taster, this is often a normal trait in young wines that need to rest before expressing at their best
Drinking: ready, appropriate taste for its aging.
Fully developed: wine at the maximum of its potential or just before decline
Dead: wine that completely lost its vigor.
Depending on type of wine and the correct cellaring these stages can be more longer or brief.

Finally we have to say that of course you won't be poisoned by a badly aged/stored bottle, but you can avoid that unpleasant experience. Don't drink the wine if these situations will occur:
- the cork pushed out from the top of the bottle;
- red wine tends to off brown color, or white tends to yellow-brown;
- off aromas: wet cardboard, animal, vinegar, musty, taste of sulfur (cauliflower or rotten egg), cooked,
- strange bubbles: wine is fizzy even if it should be still or sparkling wine without bubbles.

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