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Starting from the basics wine tools you need

Starting from the basics wine tools you need

Actually the list is not so long as you might think, the tools are neither complicated nor expensive.  To give each bottle of wine the attention it deserves, a wine-lover needs few and simple wine accessories.
The first on the list is the corkscrew, it come in all sizes, shapes and price. You'll find that the most used by professionals are the most practical and simple of all: the waiter's friend. It has a small hinged knife blade in the handle end to be used in cutting the foil wrapping the neck of many wine bottles, a pointed metallic helix (often called the "worm") to screw into the cork and a lever to pull and extract the cork.

A decent set of wine glasses. It is advisable to chose the right wine goblet to appreciate the  caracteristics of a wine. The glass shape does affect the flavor and the taste of the wine, it has also been demonstrated by scientific researches!
The decanter. Especially for old red wines, it helps to oxygenate wine while smoothing tannins and releasing aromas. Otherwise you can chose to leave your bottle opened and wait, the question is how long are you willing to wait before taking the first sip?
Wine preserver. Once the bottle is openend, the air could oxidate (ruin) the wine. To prolong how long a wine lasts and protect it from the air the only way is to use a wine preserver like the vacuum pump. Or you can finish the bottle!
Sparkling wine stopper. For this type of wine the stopper must keep the bubbles in! It is extremely important to preserve the carbon dioxide to enjoy sparkling wines.
This list is the perfect starting point to create your personal kit of wine accessories, they are necessary for a perfect wine service and an excellent tasting experience!

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