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Heroic viticulture: the magic of Cinque Terre

Heroic viticulture: the magic of Cinque Terre

In a little corner of Italy, located north of Tuscany and south of Genoa, you can find Cinque Terre. Its landscape between mountain and sea is one of the most evocative and romantic of our peninsula.

What is more impressive about this territory is the view of the vineyards: grown in narrow, steep terracings that weave along cliffs jutting out over the ligurian sea. Cinque Terre with its 100 ha of vineyards that still "resist" (in the second half of 20th century the total amount of vineyards was 1400 ha) is a glaring example of heroic viticulture. Everything from vineyard maintenance to harvest is done by hand because of the rocky steep terrain.
Cinque Terre’s namesake wine is a white made from Vermentino and the native grapes Bosco and Albarola. Cinque Terre doc is a dry white wine, with citrus and flowers aromas. But this area is also famous for the production of a delicious dessert wine Sciachetrà. It is made with dried grapes and offers sensations of dried apricot, honey and sage.
Representing the harmonious interaction between man and nature, in 1997 Cinque Terre became Unesco World Heritage Site, so don't miss to visit this paradise!

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