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Matching wine with seafood and fish

Matching wine with seafood and fish

White wine and fish belong together. However, softer reds like Pinot Noir also pair wonderfully with fish. Let's see some pairings sure to enhance the flavors of the day's freshest catch!

First think about the characteristic of the fish: delicate raw fish and light briny shellfish go best with equally delicate light white wines.

If the fish is grilled or served with a tomato sauce or wine reduction it is needed a more substantial white wine or even a red wine.

While pairing your fish with wine, the accompaning sauce affected the choice. Talking about white-fleshed fish if it is served in a butter-based sauce Chardonny is perfect, while if the sauce is citrusy the winning match will be citrus-zesty white wine from Sicily, like Grillo Sicilia DOC.
Shellfish tend to call for light whites and sparkling wines like Prosecco or a white Lambrusco. If the dish is spicy, consider a wine with some sweetness.
With medium-bodied fish such as trout, aromatic wine with fresh acidity like Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris are good choices.
Darker-fleshed fish, such as mackerel, is poised between white and red wine, depending on how it's cooked: in the traditional mediterranean way with capers and lemon chose a white Cirò DOC with aromatic herbs zest; while a mushroom sauce, on the other hand, brings Pinot Noir into play. Salmon too goes well wth Pinot Noir.
Bright red tuna can even pair with a medium-bodied red like Nero d'Avola Terre Siciliane IGP.
If you can't decide, or everyone at the table is eating something different, choose a bottle of nice Prosecco DOC Extra Dry it's one of the most food-friendly wines.

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