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Schiacciata con uva: grapebread

Schiacciata con uva: grapebread

At this time of the year in Tuscany we make Schiacciata con l'uva, a lovely grapebread that can be enjoyed at breakfat, dessert, or as anytime snack.
This is typically made with uva fragola grapes, whose berries are very small, colored and flavorful. But you can use other kind of grapes, just remeber to chose bunches with smaller berries.



1 kilos black grape grains, 

350 gr flour, 

20 gr yeast,

8 tablespoon of sugar, 

olive oil, 



Put the yeast in a bowl with some mildly warm water ( about 3/4 of a water glass),mixing add flour,4 tablespoon of olive oil good quality,4 tablespoon sugar and a little pinch of salt.
Let the mix grow for about one hour in a warm place. After an hour open a sfoglia like the one you make for pasta. Take a oven dish,pour a little oil in it and spread it all over,then pun the sfoglia inside,letting the over plus exceed the ovendish,don't cut it! Pour about 700 gr of grape grains on top(well washed and dried).Then you pour 2 tablespoon of sugar and 2 of oil over the grapes. Cover with the exceeding sfoglia and put on top the remaining grape grains 2 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 of sugar.
Put the bread in the oven at about 175 degree for about one hour.

You will be surprised how good it tastes. The addiction of sugar allows the grapes to soften and sweeten creating almost a jam-like effect that is truly addictive.It is a very healthy treat for children and grownups!

 1865,    Recipes

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