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May tradition: Pecorino cheese and fave beans

May tradition: Pecorino cheese and fave beans

In the gastronomic tradition of May and June it is inevitable on the tables or in the early spring trips the use of fresh broad beans with Pecorino cheese.

It's nice to go for a walk, the famous gita fuori porta, on the countryside meadows, accompanied by these two typical products. Among friends and acquaintances it is tradition to end the meal with abundant beans accompanied by tasty pecorino.
The story of fava beans is a mixture of rites and prejudices. In ancient Rome the fava beans during the festivities dedicated to the goddess Flora protector of nature, were thrown into the crowd as a sign of good luck.
In the remaining days of the year they were considered the food of death, so impure and for this reason the priest of Jupiter could not touch them. Scattered on the coffin during the funeral ceremonies, the deceased master's slaves threw behind the beans behind during the march, as to create a path for the souls of the dead. In the period of November, in ancient Greece the broad beans were boiled and offered to Bacchus and Mercury for the souls of the dead, joining the living world with the otherworldly. Despite the superstitions, in Rome the recipes of Apicius made from beans were greatly appreciated. Appreciation that continues through the centuries to our times where we find the beans mixed with other ingredients and season to honor the pleasures of the table.

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