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Street food: "fritole con la maresina"

Street food: "fritole con la maresina"

For more than 150 years, the "fritola with maresina" is a traditional street food prepared in the province of Vicenza, a sort of pancake or fritter with local herbs.

La maresina is a wild herb typical of the mountains surrounding Vicenza which grow spontaneous at the edge of coutry road and field. It has considerable values both pharmacological and culinary. This herb as a characteristic aromathic but gentle bitter taste, hence the name. (Bitter in italian is amaro, the herb is named also Erba Amara)
The Confraternita della Maresina, the brotherhood of Maresina, born with the purpouse of protection and preservation of local culture, tradition and flavor, passes on the original recipe of fritola with maresina.

0,6 kg of rice
0,1 kg of wheat flour
2 cup of maresina herb
0,1 kg of sugar
2 lt of water
salt at taste

Put water and rice in a saucepan and boil at least for one hour. You will obtain a dense and omogenous cream. Stir well and add salt.
Let it cool, then add flour, sugar and maresina. Let it rest for a couple of hour covered.
Ready to fry, chose a large pan, when oil is at temperature pour a spoonful of the cream and try to form it flat and round, at least 10 cm diameter. Turn the fritter and cook until browning.
Drain in from oil and serve hot.
It is admitted also the variation with "sardela", fillet of sardina, one each frittola.

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