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De Naturali Vinorum Historia

De Naturali Vinorum Historia

If you want to look backwards the italian wine culture and tradition, De Naturali Vinorum Historia is a rich and detailed treatise. This masterpiece was wrote by Andrea Bacci and published in 1596, about 500 years ago.

Andrea Bacci described himself as philosopher, physician and writer: Andrea Baccius Philosophus, Medicus Elpidianus et Civis Romanus. He studied in Matelica, in Siena, and finally in Rome. He graduated in 1552 and then became professor of philosophy in Rome. Bacci was assigned in 1567 to the chair of botany at the University "La Sapienza".
While he continued writing on various issues, Bacci devoted himself to draw up the "De natural vinorum historia", a monumental treatise on the history of wine. It is divided into seven books:
I. Themes related to wine making and wine storage;
II. Wine consumption in relation to health;
III. Peculiar characteristics of the wines;
IV. Ancient wine custom, especially at feasts;
V. Wines from the various regions of Italy;
VI. Wine import in Rome;
VII. Wines from foreign countries.
The work of Bacci collects data from the Greek and Latin literature, offers notes on the climate, the agricultural landscape, the economic initiatives of the princes, the character of the people and the convivial traditions of different countries.

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