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Nebbiolo, prince of Piedmont

Nebbiolo, prince of Piedmont

Nebbiolo is the prince of Piedmont for two main reasons: because it is wideldy cultived in this region and because wines from nebbiolo are remarkable and very famous.

Name: Variety named after the word nebbia, fog. On the grapes there's a grey thin layer (pruina) that reminds of fog and farther this variety is harvested later then others in a period with frequent foggy days.
Origin: native Piedmont region, its first historical mentions date back 1800 years ago.
Where is cultivated: the cultivation of Nebbiolo is almost concentrated in Italy, in Piedmont and Lombardia regions.

Nebbiolo Wine description
Color: tendency to change from ruby red to brick orange with aging
Flavor. Wide spectrum of aromas, the most characteristic is scent of roses.
Acidity: high
Tannins: strong
Ageability: long
Personality: elegant, sofisticated and sensitive (to terroir)
Wines from Nebbiolo: the most famous are Barolo, Barbaresco followed by Ghemme, Boca and many more.



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