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The hills of Prosecco

The hills of Prosecco

Prosecco wine area is an hilly countryside surrounded by rows of vine. Situated 50 km from Venice and around 100 km from the Dolomites, it is rich in cultural attractions: beautiful cities such as Vittorio Veneto, medieval castles, old mills, churches and abbeys.

Viticolture has extremely ancient origins here, but the first document related to Prosecco production in this area dates back to 1772.
The climate of the area is mild thanks to its position between the sea and the mountains, with constant breeze that allows the grapes to dry quickly after the frequent heavy showers in the summer. The altitude guarantees a good temperature leap between night and day, this is extremely important for a good aroma development in the grape.
The hills stretch for east to west, usually the souht-facing slope is dedicated to viticolture for the excellent exposure to the sunshine. They are differently shaped: with softer profile near Conegliano, sharper in Valdobbiadene. Also the soils have different composition: the combination with slope and exposure creates many unique micro-are.
The gastronomic tradition is very delicious: simple dishes based on local excellent ingredients such us radicchio trevigiano igp and soppressa salami.

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