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Fizzy New Year's Eve

Fizzy New Year's Eve

To prepare your New Year's Eve evening and night, here there are 3 magic cocktails receipes with Prosecco!
To share with friends or with your family!! Happy New Year everybody!!

Prosecco Punch:

2 bottles of Prosecco
1 lt ginger ale
240 ml Triple sec
240 ml di Brandy
120 ml raspberry liquer
480 ml pineapple juice (unsweetened)
Mix in a punch bowl, serve it with some forzen raspberries!

Lemon Prosecco:

1tablespoon of Limoncello
Build it in a glass, top with Prosecco and serve with mint or sage leafs.


1/3 pomegranate fresh juice
1/3 cider
1/3 Prosecco
Shake juice and cider with ice, strain and top with Prosecco


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