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Gaglioppo identity card

Gaglioppo identity card

Name: Gaglioppo name derives from the greek and means "beautiful feet", with reference to the beauty of its mature clusters.

It's historically famous mainly because it was the basis of Krimisa wine, typical of the city of Cremissa (now named Ciro), in Ancient Magna Grecia. This wine was offered to athletes returning winners from the Olympics.
Origin: It is a southern Italian grape variety best known for producing soft red wines from the mountainous Cirò DOC in Calabria, where the vines are grown at high altitudes to protect them against the hot souther climate.
Where is cultivated: The variety is the main grape in Calabria and has been used in the region for centuries.
Gaglioppo Wine description.
Color: from pink nuances to ruby red
Flavor: berry flavors, cherry and spicy notes.
Acidity: to obtain good levels of acidity it is necessary to pick early the grapes.
Tannins: shy
Ageability: it can be found in rosè and light red version, and also more structured and ageable
Personality: peculiar and intriguing

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