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Brachetto, the wine for the lovers!

Brachetto, the wine for the lovers!

Brachetto is a lovely red sparkler produced in Piedmont, Northen area of Italy. Since 1972 Brachetto is classified DOC, later in 1996 was approved also Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG.

More than the light purple color, the fruity aromas with notes of rose petals, the soft, delicate, complex and refreshing sweet mouthfeel, there's another aspect that makes Brachetto the best wine for your Valentine's day. The story tells us that brachetto is tied with the pharaoh Cleopatra and her beaux, Giulio Cesare e Marco Antonio. Before their arrival in Egypt, the legendary lovers used to send several wineskins of vinum acquense, the father of Brachetto d'Acqui. The pharaoh appreciated the aphrodisiac power of this wine that unleashed the passion of her lovers. So if you have never tried it, Saint Valentine's day is the perfect occasion for a glass of this seductive and charming italian bubbler. Pair Brachetto with some chocolate based desserts!



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