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The art of sabrage

The art of sabrage

Sabering a bottle of sparkling wine (spumante) is a tradition that strikes back to 18th century when the cavalry of Napoleon used to open champagne with their weapons, the sabers, to celebrate victory.

This tecnique is still used today for special occasion, so why not for new year's eve?
To be sure to enchante your guest during your show, some rules must be strictly followed.
Be sure to use a sparkling wine made with a traditional metodo classico, methode champenois. Charmat style sparkling are not suitable because they may not possess enough pressure in the bottle to successfully saber.
It is extremely important to fully chill the bottle, the temperature must be between 3-6°C.
Dry off the bottle, remove the foil or other neck label and the wire cage. Hold the bottle with your thumb in the punt, tilt the bottle 45° and of course point it away from the crowd!
Find the seam of the bottle and trace to where the seam meets the glass lip, slide the blade back upwards along this line, into the glass collar, following through with the blade after impact. Be firm but gentle at the same time, and you will see the collar flying.
Pour the wine and toast to the new year!

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