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Grab life by the stem

Grab life by the stem

The way you hold your glass show your class. Yes, there is a proper etiquette even in the way you hold your glass of wine.

To drink wine like a professional you just need to hold the glass by the stem, no matter what shape or size of the glass or the type of wine.
So pinch the stem between your index finger and your thumb. The reasons behind hold the glass this way are :
- preventing your body heat from warming up the wine, especially if you are drinking white or sparkling wine. It is known that cool service temperature is the best to appreciate their taste.
- preventing your parfume or handcream drown out the aroma of the wine.
- keeps the bowl clean, without fingerprints on it.
Extra tips:
drinking from the same spot keeps you from making a mess of the glass, wacth out your lipstick!
Remember to toast at the bowl and not the rim, the rim is weaker above all on very sheer glasses.

But if you are just enjoying a glass of wine with your friends, or relaxing on your sofa, the truth is you can hold a wine glass any way you like even with pinky out!

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