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What do they mean by terroir

What do they mean by terroir

Talking about wine, this is an overused and kind of snob word. At the same time we can not help it.
Terroir express briefly a complex concept about what influence the wine grape and finally the wine. To make it simple there are 4 factors making terroir: climate, soil, terrain and tradition.

The climate of a region determines what type of grape varieties can be planted there.Wine regions can be divided into two types of climates:cool and warm climate. Grapes grown in cooler climates have higher acidity and lower sugar levels whereas wine grapes from warmer climates generate higher sugar levels which produce higher alcohol wines.
There are hundreds of different types of soil. The density, consistency, mineral deposits and moisture levels in soil all affect the way the grape ripens. Whilst the concept of a wine’s "minerality" doesn’t necessarily have to do with the soil the grapes were grown in, or at least there's non scientific proof on this matter. It could also be attributed to a nearby sea breeze.
The way the vineyard is sloped is an extremely important factor to pursue a quality goal.
Tha altitude, the direction the vine faces, geological features (inland location, valleys..), flora and large bodies of water affect the grapes and how wine from a specific wine region tastes.
The last but not least component of terroir has to do with human interaction. Terroir has a strong cultural side, the winemaking method are often dependent on the region's climate, soil and terrain. Then the winemaker's style can heighten or lessen the expression of the environmental influence in wine.

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