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BBQ Wine Pairing

BBQ Wine Pairing

Wine and BBQ are a perfect match, although there's not the perfect wine to pair with BBQ. The trick is to look for a wine that is easy to drink, energetic and not overly intrusive.

Chicken, white meat and turkey pair white wines, soft, fragrant, not very acidic, Trebbiano IGT Toscana , or some good rosé soft, fairly structured, Cirò Rosato DOC.
Pork, depending on whether we choose a skinnier or fatter piece. In the first case, we will make the same choice of white meat. For the fattest pieces we should consider a more acidic wine to clean the palate, for example Lambrusco!
Red meat we need wines with tannins, with a good structured. Think about a tuscan red wine refined in oak barrels, Chianti Riserva DOCG.
Fish: soft white, tasty and aromatic. In this case why not a white wine from coastal vines: Cirò Bianco IGT
Veggies: from radicchio we expect a bitter feeling, from the pumpkin a sweeter trend, from porcini mushrooms a mixed feeling among the aromatic and bitter. In general, choose white wine with a good aromatic profile, north Italy whites.
All this could change if used in addition to extra virgin olive oil, vinegar or lemon par excellence are the enemies of wine. Better to avoid lemon, while you can use delicate apple vinegar.
A great backyard BBQ would not be complete without great wine to wash down all the food. Hope these notes will help you take your BBQ to the next level!

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