WineTube Worldwide

WineTube is present in Italy and Asia, with headquarters in Pistoia and sales offices in China (Shantou and Shanghai), in Vietnam (Hanoi).

The fact of having branch offices in Regions with culture and uses different from those in the West, allows us to be close to the market, and is both a physical and mental closeness, useful for capturing the right trends and responding quickly to requests. For example every year, following the input of our local representatives, we launch a line of labels and bottles in a special edition that we assign exclusively for the distribution in the Country.

Thanks to the local offices, we also have the possibility of contacting importers, distributors and private customers, not only through very expensive trade fairs, but above all by making direct appointments with private tastings, to reach the sales goal quickly and effectively.

Commercially, offices in Asia cover the major areas of influence, reaching the whole of Southeast Asia. From the Shantou office we treat the areas of Guangdong and Fujian, from Shanghai we cover the provinces of Zhenjiang and Sichuan. From the Hanoi office in Vietnam we manage to reach Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, as well as in all the individual provinces of the reference market.

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