WineTube is the GMedia Group unit dedicated to the promotion and export of Italian wines in the world.

Until 2015 the group dealt exclusively corporate merchandising with most suppliers in the South East Asia. From here comes the request for Italian wine, by several contacts simultaneously. Combining passion for the wines of our land and the intuition of a great potential trading for that market area, comes WineTube.

A sign that includes wineries throughout the Country, selected by experts on the basis of some elements including the goodness of the product, the potential of the winery in export, the technological avant-garde in terms of production.

Since 2017 we have established our presence in China and Vietnam with the opening in sequence of three offices, firstly in Shantou, then in Hanoi and Shanghai, to offer our wineries the opportunity to penetrate the market in an effective and targeted way. This happens thanks to a direct engagement technique, made up of appointments and private tastings with importers, distributors and private customers, in addition to the more classic participation in trade fairs.

Each winery is our partner in every respect: we tend to come into deep contact with the Company and, if necessary, we are going to redefine together the presentation of the product on the market, making available all our sector and marketing skills.

WineTube from the very beginning was very strong on digital and local communication. Instagram and WeChat are the main digital media and today are ranked among the top ten profiles for wine lovers and sector professionals. The "WineTube tours" in our cellars instead are very much loved by foreign importers and distributors, who can test and appreciate the product locally, understand the production processes and enjoy our land.

Given this success, WineTube recently thought of marketing opportunities dedicated to trade partners and communication partners, making at their disposal all the own media at service of the customer.

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