1968 line

The 1968 line is the first special edition produced by Wine Tube.

Indicates the birth of oenologist Sergio Danili who signed the labels. A life, his, dedicated to continuous innovation to create wines that express a specific character. The experience of a traveler and thinker, these three products are the synthesis of a process of ideation born from afar. Strong, fruity and well balanced products. From the tasting it is possible to recognize the hand of those who conceived them.

The vine leaf is the design that distinguishes the line. It represents the hope that survives even the most difficult trials, confers security and confidence in one's destiny.

wines - 1968 line
wines - 1968 line

The meaning of the lifeblood inherent in the leaf is expressed by the colors used to distinguish the three labels.
Orange: the color of the sun, warm and a source of life.
Silver: symbol of elegance and magnificence.
Gold: source of positive electricity and preciousness.

The line is proposed with an exclusive by Country, through agreements with distributors starting from three years of duration.

awards for piemonte rosso - carnival mask line
awards for monteferrato rosso - carnival mask line
awards for vino rosso - carnival mask line

Carnival Mask line

Wine Tube launches the exclusive Carnival Mask line: a special edition of three bottles inspired by the Carnival, in which masks and colors become protagonists.

The traditional Carnival party can only go hand-in-hand with the world of wine. It is the moment where the roles of society are spilled and reversed, there is a sense of full freedom and fun: everyone can be who they want. Country festivals and banquets are all the rage and wine is the focal point now, as in the past, when customs were even more entrenched. Traditionally, in fact, during the Carnival, our fathers celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of the productive season in the fields.

wines - carnival mask line
wines - carnival mask line

In this joyful climate where the masks are the protagonists, even the colors take space on the bottles in their symbolic meaning.

We start with blue, a symbol of growth and longevity, a color that perfectly embodies departure, the beginning of a journey.

Then we move on to red, the emblem of both mental and physical life energy. This color represents the strength of will and is perfect to push us to continue our journey.

So, we come to gold and the most precious bottle. Gold symbolizes prosperity, purity and authority. It abstracts itself towards qualities of perfection, towards the completion and realization of all potential.

This is the second special edition launched by Wine Tube after the success of the 1968 Line released in December 2018. The Carnival Mask line is distributed with an exclusive by Country, through agreements with distributors starting from three years of duration. From January 2020 it is present in wine shops, in different geographical areas including Asia.
awards for Toscana Sangiovese - carnival mask line
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awards for puglia igp - carnival mask line

September during the grape harvest and April with the start of Vinitaly, are the periods most requested by foreign trade operators to visit our country.

From North to South our territory is rich in history, culture, natural beauty, culinary art. The magic is that in such a small Country from region to region there are so many differences to be enjoyed, with the eyes and palate.

The tour proposed by WineTube is voted precisely to discover these differences. A selection of our trade partner wineries will be the reference point for an enological and cultural journey, aimed at understanding the differences between the Italian regions that we will touch visiting our reality, tasting the wines and combining an in-depth visit of the territory and surrounding cities.

The group will consist mainly of buyers operating in the wine sector. The goal for them will be an experience of visit and study, while for our partners a great opportunity to start collaborations with potential new clients.

The organization is complete, from booking the flight to transfers in the area, from accommodation to a guide throughout the tour.

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WineTube is the GMedia Group unit dedicated to the promotion and export of Italian wines in the world.

Until 2015 the group dealt exclusively corporate merchandising with most suppliers in the South East Asia. From here comes the request for Italian wine, by several contacts simultaneously. Combining passion for the wines of our land and the intuition of a great potential trading for that market area, comes WineTube.

A sign that includes wineries throughout the Country, selected by experts on the basis of some elements including the goodness of the product, the potential of the winery in export, the technological avant-garde in terms of production.

Since 2017 we have established our presence in China and Vietnam with the opening in sequence of three offices, firstly in Shantou, then in Hanoi and Shanghai, to offer our wineries the opportunity to penetrate the market in an effective and targeted way. This happens thanks to a direct engagement technique, made up of appointments and private tastings with importers, distributors and private customers, in addition to the more classic participation in trade fairs.

Each winery is our partner in every respect: we tend to come into deep contact with the Company and, if necessary, we are going to redefine together the presentation of the product on the market, making available all our sector and marketing skills.

WineTube from the very beginning was very strong on digital and local communication. Instagram and WeChat are the main digital media and today are ranked among the top ten profiles for wine lovers and sector professionals. The "WineTube tours" in our cellars instead are very much loved by foreign importers and distributors, who can test and appreciate the product locally, understand the production processes and enjoy our land.

Given this success, WineTube recently thought of marketing opportunities dedicated to trade partners and communication partners, making at their disposal all the own media at service of the customer.

Discover all the WineTube activities.

WineTube offers wineries the opportunity to promote their essence, their history, the fruits of their territory. Every member of our team, for each specialization, will be excited to attend your growth. Within our competences, two are our besties: communication and export. Below is a description of the activities we are able to carry out for each of the two areas, which can be modulated according to your needs.


If you become our communication partner we will use our communication skills to promote your winery, in particular the very popular official pages of our social networks, where we will make posts and articles for the promotion of your Company and products.
Our team will be available to evaluate together a restyling of your website, your logo or your labels, to create brochures or catalogs, to organize a more effective on-line and off-line communication in order to spread Company news in order to increase the appeal of your wines to the greatest number of buyers worldwide. Furthermore we can be your external marketing department, for those who do not have a dedicated office inside the company, in order to constantly coordinate and monitor all the planned activities. This opportunity is open to all interested wineries.
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To be chosen as our trade partner, WineTube will evaluate the characteristics of your winery and wines with an in-depth analysis, in order to understand the real potential for foreign markets penetration. If the overall evaluation matches our parameters, we will be ready to start a medium-long term business cooperation with the aim of carrying out a profitable trading of the selected products in the target Countries. We will study a marketing plan in order to increase business opportunities and start distributing wines as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is the opening of new markets for the winery or the progressive increase in turnover inside them.
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