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Valpolicella and its beauties

Valpolicella is a series of small valleys that extends along a hilly area between Lake Garda, the Lessini Mountains and the Verona plain. Thanks to its mild climate it always guarantees an excellent cultivation of vineyards and olive groves which are the symbol and the originality of the landscape, food and wine of Valpolicella.

Thanks to the wine production that distinguishes the Valpolicella, tourism focused on the discovery of the vineyards increases every year. There are many initiatives to enhance the area linked to the wine-growing denomination of origin, such as the Valpolicella homonym, Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone della Valpolicella. In this regard, in 1924, a Valpolicella wine consortium was set up, which in addition to enhancing the production area, promotes the use of processing techniques compatible with the environment and the territory.

Valpolicella is not only a destination for wine tastings in the cellars but is also a historical symbol in the country of Italy. Among the places not to be missed, we point out: Borgo San Giorgio, dominated by the Romanesque church and the fascinating medieval cloister: the church of San Floriano, historical settlement of the Romans. For those who love nature, you should definitely visit the Lessinia Natural Park.

In short, Valpolicella is a unique destination to visit for its great history, for its nature and of course ... for its fantastic wines![...]

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Vin Santo: the "holy" wine

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Barolo Chinato story

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How Chianti was born

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What the government has to do with wine? Governo vinification method

The italian word governo is usually referred to the government but it is also the name of an old vinification method mainly used in Tuscany.
Tuscan housewifes are used to say governato with the meaning of tidying up or a processed/treated products, [...]

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weine, weinverkäufer, essen und wein, rezepte, guter wein, italienischer wein

weine, weinverkäufer, essen und wein, rezepte, guter wein, italienischer wein

weine, weinverkäufer, essen und wein, rezepte, guter wein, italienischer wein
weine, weinverkäufer, essen und wein, rezepte, guter wein, italienischer wein
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