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Wild Lambrusco

Wild Lambrusco

The Lambrusco grape family is the most widespread in the countryside from Parma eastward till the territories of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

These fragrant grapes produce an incredibly pleasant sparkling wine: you can recognize Lambrusco from the very first sip, its freshness, bubbles and red fruit aromas leave no doubt.
The name Lambrusco itself tells the origin of this wild grape variety, the "labrusca" the one that grows untamed on field edge. It was already known in the Bronze Age as evidenced by fossil leaves and seeds founded in this area. The ancient history of Lambrusco is witnessed later by the works of important poets and writers such as Virgil and Cato: they told about "labrusca vitis" a wild vine that produced fruits with a bitter taste and grew on the edge of the fields.
Lambrusco as we know it today, with a joyful foam and good acidity, is the result of the changement of nutrition habits following the Lombards conquest. This people brought the pig semi-wild breeding in the whole emilia romagna territory. They introduce the use of lard to substitute olive oil, as consequence foods were more fatty and oily. The evolution of wine in response to the new emilian cuisine were the bubbles of sparkling wine perfect to clean the palate with every sip.



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