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The real sword in the stone is not in England but in Tuscany

The real sword in the stone is not in England but in Tuscany

The legendary sword in the stone, often linked to King Arthur, does exist. Not in Avalon though, but in Italy. The sword is on display in the Montesiepi Chapel, near the Abbey of San Galgano in Chiusdino, Siena.

Saint Galgano is a catholic saint from Tuscany. He was born in 1148 near Chiusdino with the name of Galgano Guidotti. He spent his youth as a wealthy knight vicious and full of lust. One day Archengel Michael appeared to him in two visions that completly changed his life. In the first vision the Archangel told Galgano that he was going to be protected by the Archangel himself. In the second vision, Galgano was following the Archangel and they arrived to the hill of Monte Siepi. The story tells that after the visions Galgano's horse refuse to obey his orders and led him on top of Montesiepi where his vision happened. This was a sign for Galgano, who decide to plant a cross: he drew his weapon and thrust at a stone and it penetrated to the hilt. The sword immediatley became one piece with the ground and nobody would have never been able to remove it. Galgano retired as an hermit in Montesiepi and after 1 year he died. In 1185 Pope Lucius the 3rd declare him saint and the Montesiepi Chapel was built around his tomb. Later, in 1220, also the abbey of Saint Galgano was built in the valley under Montesiepi, today it is famous because not having a roof and its gothic architecture.

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