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Seasonal wine pairing: mushrooms

Seasonal wine pairing: mushrooms

When combined with wine the question becomes tricky. Mushrooms fear the combination with both bitter and tannic wines, and also undergo the influence of seasonings and type of cooking.

Mushrooms pair well, almost in any preparation, with smooth wines, white or pink, rarely with red with not excessive structure. Caesar's mushrooms, porcini and chanterelle - if served raw - can be combined with a very young white and very fresh, even if they are part of a salad, preferably without vinegar. When we encounter dishes with delicate flavors such as soups, broth a not too structured slightly aromatic white can be the way to go. The same goes for pasta and risotto, where also a good rosé can be suitable. Grilled porcini look great with a young and fruity red with almost imperceptible tannins, if porcini are fried a soft red is recommended, why not sparkling.
If cooked with oil garlic and parsley, mushrooms can be matched with white with a good body or aromatic rosés. Preparations with milk or cream require mellow, full-bodied and aged in wood white; for recipe with egg based sauce go for a light lively white.

Some suggestions...
Risotto with porcini and Barbera d'Asti
Grilled beef with porcini and Langhe Nebbiolo or Chianti Riserva
Mushrooms soup and Lagrein
Mushrooms and potatoes savoury pie and Pinot Grigio

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