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  • Name: Sangiovese. The name cames from the latin word “jugalis” used to describe the tipycal etruscan/roman

  • Cultivation tecnique: the vine supported by other trees.

  • Origin: this grape variety was already known by etruscan people, an ancient population who lived in central Italy.

  • Where is cultivated: Sangiovese is ranked number 1 grape variety in Italy, but its cultivation is quite scarse outside the country. The Sangiovese italian wine region are mainly Toscana, Umbria, Emilia Romagna.


Sangiovese Wine description

  • Color: is ruby red, with different nuances/reflection depending on the area of production and vinification method.

  • Flavor: Fruit - Cherry, red plum, strawberry, blackberries, fig. It's typical of Tuscan Sangiovese wine the scent of violet flower, locally called “mammola”. Oak - the wines quite often are lightly aged in oak barrels.

  • Tannin and acidity: high

  • Ageability: from 3-4 years to 10, 20 or more year (for wine such as Brunello di Montalcino)

  • Personality: chameleontic

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