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How are sparkling wine classified?

How are sparkling wine classified?

Sparkling wines are categorized depending on their sugar levels. This classification can be confusing, dry means his opposite in sparkling wine terms.

Pas dosè, Dosaggio Zero: without sugar < 1g/l
Brut nature: < 3 g/l strong flavor, perfect in many occasion, entreé, aperitiv, fish based dishes
Extra brut: < 6 g/l very popular, think about Prosecco, very food friendly
Brut: < 15 g/l it is the most common style of bubbly, pair well with pasta, risotti, main courses with white meat or fish
Extra dry: 12-20 g/l perfect as aperitif, or accompanied with sushi
Dry or Secco: 18-35 g/l pretty sweet, matches with slightly sweet dessert or shellfish
Demi Sec o Abboccato: 33-50 g/l noticeably sweet, to pair with fruit and dessert
Dolce o Doux: >50 g/l sweet!! only for dessert or blue cheeses.

Sparkling wine can also named Millesimato, when they come from a single vintage, NV non vintage when the wine is a blend of several different years.
Depending on the grape varieties they can be labelled Blanc de Noirs or Blanc de Blancs, only for traditional method. BdN when it comes from only red grape (pinot noir), BdB when it comes only from white grapes (mainly Chardonnay).

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