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Ferrara: the magical atmosphere of the past

Ferrara: the magical atmosphere of the past

Ferrara is situated in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, this history-rich place on the banks of river Po is one of Italy's hidden treasures. It was the seat of the Este family, that governed her for three centuries and brought Ferrara to splendour: it was an internationally known capital for arts, economics and religion. They gave the city the appearance it has today.

A great boulevard divides the medieval town from the Renaissance side, built in the early 16th century by Duke Ercole d'Este. In the Renaissance city there are parks, palazzi and grand houses. The medieval town is packed with churches, old palaces, cloisters, characteristic is the Ferrarese brick, used to build instead of usual marble or stone.
The showpiece is Castello Estense, commissioned by Nicholas d'Este in 1385, an artistic heritage where the visitors can admire the archaeological facets of Saletta, the old prisons, the Tower of the Lions and the ducal kitchens, while appreciating the many works of art in honour the Prince.
When in Ferrara you can't miss trying some typical delicacies: the cioppa bread, cappellacci (filled pasta) and the salama da sugo made with pork products.
Ferrara is a splendid city of art, to be enjoyed by walking its streets, wandering by bike, every step re-living the magical atmosphere of the past.

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