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Valpolicella, Amarone's cradle

Valpolicella, Amarone's cradle

Valpolicella is one of the most prestigious winemaking area of Italy since it's were Amarone della Valpolicella is produced.

It is situated in the Veneto region northwest Verona.
This area was famous for the quality of its wines since Roman times, the most popular at that time was the sweet Recioto.
Valpolicella name comes from "val polis cellae" which means valley of many cellars.
This area is an attractive mix of natural beauty, history and arts: it is characterized by verdant valleys, beautiful Venetian villas and villages rich in Roman ruins. Last but not least it is an excellent location to organize wine tasting excursion visiting the many cellars of this region and try the variety of terroir and the countless varieties of Valpolicella: Corvina, Rondinella, Rossignola.
Finally you can't miss tasting the star of Valpolicella: Amarone.

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