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Salad & Wine Pairing

Salad & Wine Pairing

Summertime is great for fresh salads and a cool glass of wine but when it comes to pair those two, salads can be tricky. It depends on the vegetables you use, the other ingredients it contains and the type of dressing.

Some lettuces could intensify bitterness in wines, an acidic dressing tone down tartness. So while preparing your salad consider...

Dressing: not too acidic, choose for example cider vinegar or citrus fruit with lower acidity (tangerine or blood orange). Match a wine with a similar acidity. If the dressing is sweet, think about a honey vinaigrette, then a wine with a slight sugar residual could do the trick.

Green salad = "green wines" think about wine with a herbal tilt such as Sauvignon Blanc or with a lighter green note as Pinot Grigio.

High-acid ingredients like goat cheese, citrus fruit, tomatoes, pair best with high-acid wines.

Salty ingredients: very fruity wine and why not a wine with a hint of sweetness.

Finally there are some ingredients with a natural affinity to wine, those bridge ingredients are roasted nuts, avocado, aged gouda... also try to add grilled vegetables rather than uncooked ones.

If the salad contains fruits such as peach or apricot then a fruity wine is what you need.

Now you can tweak salads ingredients to maximize the macht with your goblet of vino!


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